Bullet Trap

Lithgow Arms’ innovative Bullet Trap Blank Firing Attachment (BTBFA) is a small device that fits onto the end of a rifle barrel and safely captures bullets inadvertently fired during training with blanks.

Designed for training effectiveness

This valuable safety solution enables up to five live rounds to be safely captured without harming the user or damaging the weapon.

The BTBFA dramatically reduces the chance of serious injury to personnel or bystanders and, in combination with other measures, represents an effective and reliable contribution to weapon training safety.

A cost-effective military off the shelf product, the BTBFA is currently in-service with the Australian Defence Force. It is available for Steyr and Austeyr rifles and carbines, as well as M4s and M16s. The technology can also be designed to fit other weapons.

Available for:

  • Austeyr F88 5.56 mm rifle
  • Austeyr F88 5.56 mm carbine
  • M4/M16 5.56 mm variants



  • Robust construction for durability and reliability
  • Minimum 25,000 round lifecycle
  • Captures ball, tracer and armour piercing bullets
  • Reliable cycling of weapon during BTBFA use
  • Environmentally tested for hot and cold temperatures, plus a wide range of other conditions
  • Compliant with Australian Defence Force requirements
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