SAF-LOK™ Handcuffs


SAF-LOK™ handcuffs are manufactured at our Lithgow light engineering facility and are currently in service with Australian law enforcement agencies.

SAF-LOK™ Mk5 handcuffs are an enhanced version of the SAF-LOK™ Mk4 handcuff. The hinge design provides for a semi-rigid handcuff permitting restricted movement of the subject’s hands in one direction only. Restricted movement means less likelihood of the subject inflicting self-injury. The design of the handcuff provides a convenient grip for the law enforcement officer to effectively gain control of an unruly subject. Even if the handcuff ratchet arm is sawn through, the ratchet will stay in position until unlocked. The body of the handcuff is manufactured from cast, high-grade stainless steel and it also serves as the body of the lock making it a very unique design. The arm, links and link pins are also manufactured from stainless steel.


Multi-pinned Locking System

SAF-LOK™ hand cuffs multi pinned and profiled key mechanism prevents tampering, and . Or unique key profile prevents release with readily available ‘universal’ hand cuff keys.


SAF-LOK™ hand cuffs single piece stainless steel cuff bodies provide unparalleled levels of strength and wear resistance, ready to provide a lifetime of reliable service with minimum maintenance.

Increased Range of Fitment

SAF-LOK™ hand cuffs feature extended ratchet arms allowing positive restraint of even the largest wrists.

Double Locking and Keyless Fitting

SAF-LOK™ hand cuffs feature a double locking mechanism to prevents accidental tightening of hand cuffs during detainee handling. Cuffs may be set for keyless fitting and then double locked during arrest.

Hinged Design

SAF-LOK™ hand cuffs hinged design allows officers greater choice of restraint methods, including The hinged design allows stacked restraint to reduceing the detainee’s ability to interact with officers or tamper with their restraints. The broad flat hinge provides officers a firm grip point to manipulate the cuffs, even when only one side is engaged.


Easy to Use

SAF-LOK™ Mk5 handcuffs are simple to fit and double lock. The smooth ratchet action ensures that the handcuffs can be applied to large and small wrists with minimum effort. In stressful tactical situations, the law enforcement officer is free to concentrate on the rest of the mission as soon as the cuffs have been applied. The user-friendly locking system also enables the officer to reset the cuffs quickly on removal, ready for reuse.


The cuff has a unique tumbler lock that is more resilient to tampering than other cuffs on the market. Unique keys offer improved pick resistance.


Every law enforcement officer needs a set of handcuffs whose design is optimised to deal effectively with all law enforcement situations. One-piece casting of cheek plates, locking arms, swivels and links provide a stronger handcuff than models with laminated plates, rivets and welds. SAF-LOK™ hand cuffs are tensile tested to NIJ international standards.

Long Life

High quality long-life equipment represents security for the officer and value for the purchasing agency. Money saved by purchasing long-life equipment can be used to meet other priorities. Using one-piece casting techniques during manufacture instead of pressed steel, ensures long life of the handcuffs.