Backed by 100 years of experience and manufacturing of weapons for Australian soldiers since WWI to the battlefields of today, the F90 is an entirely new bullpup automatic rifle design, an ideal platform to meet the needs of today’s top military forces. Its bullpup design for longer barrel length and optimum muzzle velocity delivers superior stopping power in a compact package.

The F90 is one of the lightest assault rifles on the market at 3.25 kg, enabling fast reaction times and rapid target acquisition, a clear advantage in close quarters combat. NATO standard rails and NATO ammunition interoperability provide adaptability for a wide range of mission profiles.

Packing a punch, the F90 includes an integrated side loading 40 mm grenade launcher that can be attached in just a few seconds by the soldier – a potentially decisive capability providing flexibility on operations. The grenade launcher itself is equipped with a lightweight robust quadrant sight that ensures rapid target acquisition, can be used at night, and is compatible with night vision goggles.

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Low Profile Cocking Handle

Non-reciprocating cocking handle folds flat against the receiver to reduce rifle profile while preventing fixed handle impact injuries.

Modular Design

Modular, upgradable receiver constructed from impact resistant fibre reinforced polymer reduces weight and heat transfer control surfaces

Clean Firing

F90 requires no lubrication and minimum operator maintenance for reliable and consistant operation during sustained fire, even in the most adverse of conditions.

Select Fire Control

Sliding, two stage, select fire trigger allows the operator to fire single shots or bursts at every squeeze of the trigger.

Ambidextrous Safety

Ambidextrous safety available in two position (SAFE/FIRE) or three position (SAFE/SEMI-ONLY/FIRE) configurations.

Heat Management

Porting allows cool air to flow through directly over the hottest parts of the barrel, helping control operating temperatures during high rates of fire.

Improved Ergonomics

Enhanced buttstock profile dramatically improves ergonomics and cheek weld while reducing snag points.

Off Hand Fire Compatible

Unique to the AUG based rifles, the F90 case deflector allows safe and consistant offhand fire from cover.

Sling Attachments

Ambidextrous webbing and clip style sling mounts allow multiple single and dual point sling configurations.

Ambidextrous Magazine Release

Ambidextrous magazine release with mechanics that prevent accidental magazine release.

World's Best Magazine

30 round high-reliability, polymer, translucent magazine provides a lifetime of reliable feeding while allowing operators to instantly judge magazine load.

Hand Protection

Integrated trigger and hand guard protects the operator's master hand from impacts in the battle environment.

Multi Position Gas Regulator

Short stroke gas piston with two position regulator ensures consistant reliable operation in adverse conditions.

Improved Reliability

Enlarged and profiled ejection port broadens ammunition compatibility and enhances reliability in adverse conditions.

Accessory Rails

Three Picatinny rails permanently aligned with bore axis allowing permenent co-witnessed mounting of target aquisition accessories.

Barrel Design

High accuracy, cold hammer forged, chrome lined and fluted barrel available in three different barrel lengths.

F90 Automatic Rifle Family


F90 360
F90 407
F90 508
Overall Length
653 mm
701 mm
802 mm
5.56 mm x 45 NATO
Proprietary, military grade steel, cold hammer forged. Six external flutes with threaded muzzle. Chrome lined bore and chamber. Phosphate treated and coated in Cerakote™
Barrel Length
360 mm
407 mm
508 mm
Rate of Fire
Nominally 740 RPM
6 grooves 1 : 7” (228 mm) right hand twist
Semi and fully automatic, short stroke gas piston operated
Modular, light weight composite receiver. Coated in Cerakote™
Ergonomic, ambidextrous stock made from high impact fibre reinforced polymer
Length of Pull
385 mm
Two position, sliding trigger with select fire function. Fitted with single shot lock out
Two or three position sliding, ambidextrous safety that blocks trigger displacement
Removable, double stack box magazine, polymer construction
30 rounds


F90 360
F90 407
F90 508
315 mm
122 mm
84 mm
653 mm
701 mm
802 mm
384 mm
99 mm
68 mm
227 mm

SL40 Grenade Launcher

The SL40 grenade launcher was developed in parallel with the F90 rifle. Munition compatibility, system integration and ergonomics were nominated as the driving considerations for design. The completed prototypes was tested alongside the F90 as a critical element of the mission system, and successfully passed the same arduous test and evaluation trials as the rifle itself.

The pairing of the SL40 grenade launcher and F90 rifle represents one of the most elegant system integrations available on the market. Co-located triggers allow operators to react instantly to emerging threats by dual firing the SL40 and F90 rifle. Complementing this, the SL40 grenade launcher Intuitive Grenade Launcher Sight enables rapid and accurate engagement of targets even while the firer is on the move.

At just 1185 grams with sight, the SL40 is lighter than any comparable competition. Despite this low weight the SL40 is still equipped with a robust hammer forged steel barrel.


Low Weight

The SL40 grenade launcher with holographic sight weighs only 1185 grams, making the SL40 one of the lightest grenade launchers available.

Smart Munitions

Lithgow Arms maintains strategic arrangements with munitions manufacturers, and is co-developing airburst smart munitions compatible with the SL40.

Rifle Integration

SL40 instantly integrates with F90 rifles without tools or parts. Simple integration mechanics minimise weight and maximise mission flexibility.

Stand Alone Stock

Standalone stock allows the SL40 to be employed by team members in a dedicated grenadier or fire support role.

Intuitive Grenade Launcher Sight

Toughened, quick fit grenade launcher sight with 7 MOA Trijicon holographic sight allows fast and accurate target acquisition without the difficultly or fragility of traditional plastic open sights.

Snag Free

The snag-free, streamlined design will not get hung up or caught on webbing or equipment.

Bullet Trap

Lithgow Arms’ innovative Bullet Trap Blank Firing Attachment (BTBFA) is a small device that fits onto the end of a rifle barrel and safely captures bullets inadvertently fired during blank ammunition training.



Reliable cycling of weapon during blank fire training is assured. In regular operation BTBFA lifecycle exceeds 25,000 rounds.

Environmental Stability

The Lithgow Arms BTBFA is certified to operate at hot and cold temperatures in a wide range of environmental conditions.


Durable, alloy steel design means soldiers can handle the weapon as it was intended without fear of breaking or damaging the attachment.

Safety First

Lithgow Arms BTBFA will capture up to five ball, tracer or armour piercing bullets.



The BTBFA dramatically reduces the chance of serious injury to personnel or bystanders and, in combination with other measures, represents an effective and reliable contribution to weapon training safety.


It is available for AR and AUG based platforms The technology can also be adapted to fit other weapons.


BTBFA is available in screw on or quick disconnect fittings.


The BTBFA is currently in-service with the Australian Defence Force.

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