Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to express your interest in new products or be notified by email about the development or release of new products, please send us an email via the Contact Us webpage.

Product Release

Does Lithgow Arms plan to release new LA101 CrossOver rimfire calibres?

At this stage, Lithgow Arms does not have any plans for new rimfire calibres.

Does Lithgow Arms plan to release new LA102 CrossOver centrefire calibres?

Yes, we are still expanding the choice of calibres for the LA102. If you have any suggestions, email us and let us know.

Will the left hand LA101 models be released with timber stocks?

At this stage, the left hand LA101 models will only be sold with polymer stocks. If timber stocks do become available, we will let you know via our mailing list.

Will Lithgow Arms produce a left hand version of the LA102 CrossOver?

At this stage, the LA102 will not be produced in a left hand version.

Does Lithgow Arms plan to release a LA102 in 303BR?

No, there are no plans to release a LA102 in 303BR.

Does Lithgow Arms plan to start producing SMLEs?

No, there are no plans to release SMLEs again. As we ceased production of these fine battle rifles in the 1950s, the specific equipment and some key production techniques used for the Short Magazine Lee Enfield have been replaced in the factory.

When will Black Mountain Barrels be available?

Despite great feedback on prototype barrels, Lithgow Arms is not able to supply Black Mountain barrels at this stage.

When will timber accessory stocks be available?

Timber laminate and walnut stocks are available for right hand action now. Please contact your local firearms retailer.

New Products and Designs

Will Lithgow Arms consider releasing CrossOver rifles with iron sights?

At this stage, we have no plans to develop rifles with iron sights.

What colours will Lithgow Arms offer on rifles in the future?

We are currently offering LA101 and LA102 CrossOver rifles in Cerakote™H Series Titanium and Armor Black. We will assess customer interest in alternate colours from the Cerakote™catalogue in the future, as well as alternate polymer stock colours available through our military firearms development.

Can Lithgow do a custom rifle for me?

No, we are set-up as a mass production facility. If you are after a custom rifle, have a talk to your local gun-smith and see what they can offer.

Will Lithgow Arms produce thumbhole stocks?

At this stage, we have no plans to develop thumbhole stocks.

Will Lithgow Arms produce tactical stocks?

We are currently assessing interest in tactical and chassis style stocks for the LA101 and LA102 CrossOver rifles.

What else is Lithgow Arms working on?

We wish we could tell you! Lithgow Arms has a long term growth plan encompassing military, civilian and dual use products. We intend to expand our branded accessories and clothing lines soon.

Contacting Lithgow Arms

How do I contact Lithgow Arms to provide feedback?

If you would like to provide positive or negative feedback, please let us know your thoughts via the Contact page.

Purchasing Products and Parts

How can I find I Lithgow Arms retailer near me?

If your preferred firearms dealer is unwilling or unable to get you the Lithgow Arms product or accessory you would like, please send us an email via the Contact page on the website and we’ll direct you to an alternate dealer. For approved retailers, please check the Where to Buy page.

How do I purchase timber stocks for my LA101 or LA102?

Timber stocks for our right-handed rifles are available now and may be ordered through your local firearms retailer.

How can I buy handcuffs and keys?

We do not sell handcuffs or keys directly to individuals. Handcuffs are only sold through purchase order to accredited security businesses, government and law-enforcement agencies.

How can I purchase more of the clothing I saw at SHOT Show?

Lithgow Arms branded HART hunting/ outdoor clothing, accessories and merchandise can be purchased directly from all our products are free shipping Australia Wide.

Which scope mounts should I use on my rifle?

The LA101 CrossOver is equipped with two segments of Weaver Rail. The LA102 CrossOver is equipped with a single segment of Picatinny Rail. A myriad of scope bases and rings will fit these rifles. Please talk to your local firearms retailer about purchasing scope mounts to suit your optics and chosen scope height.

Will CrossOver rifles be produced in a blued or stainless finishes?

At this stage there are no plans to produce rifles finished in any surface treatment or coating other than Cerakote™H Series.

Modifications and Gunsmithing


Lithgow Arms does not endorse the modification of our firearms. Modifying a firearm may cause a catastrophic failure or accidental discharge and result in death or serious injury to the operator or bystanders.

Modifying firearms against the strict guidance provided within the associated user manual may invalidate your warranty. if in doubt, please Contact us first.

Can I install a lighter trigger spring for my LA101 CrossOver?

Lithgow Arms does not recommend the installation of a non-standard (or 3rd Party trigger) springs in the LA101 rifle. The rifle system has been tested to comply with the requirements of the SAAMI Abusive Mishandling Standard (Z299-5). Modifications to the trigger mechanism may void the warranty.

Technical and Specification

Does my new Lithgow Arms rifle require break-in (or run-in)?

The rifle does not require break-in (or run-in). We recommend that the rifle is cleaned with a reputable cleaning system and the rifle is ready for use. We do also recommend that the rifles are cleaned before storage. When the patches come out clean and dry, take a new patch with a few drops of good quality firearms lubricant and run it through the barrel after cleaning. It is a wise protection of your investment to patch through with a clean dry patch on taking your rifle out of your safe storage in case you were overly generous with the lubricant.

Dry firing the LA101

The occasional dry fire of the LA101 is OK, but if you are conducting dry-firing to get the “feel” of the trigger or for practice, we recommend the use of snap caps.

I have 6.5mm Creedmoor rifle, but I have received a 308W Magazine, is something wrong?

No, the 308W magazine is used for our 6.5mm Creedmoor rifles. The case diameter beyond the shoulder is very similar (11.8mm for the 6.5mm Creedmoor vs 11.9mm for the 308W)

Where can I find the technical specifications for my rifle?

Please refer to your rifle’s user manual or the applicable product page on the Lithgow Arms website.


How do I Identify the muzzle thread on my rifle?

Please refer to the following diagram and check the what muzzle threads were used on the calibre rifle you have.

If you have the muzzle thread cap, check to see what grooves you have on the outside of the cap and then compare to the pictures below.

If you no longer have your muzzle thread cap, check what the muzzle thread as in the table below.

Rifle Model Calibres Thread form Simplest method to Identify thread
LA101 All ½” x 20 UNF Count number of peaks – for the 8mm of thread- should be approx. 6 peaks
All ½” x 28 UNEF Count number of peaks – for the 8mm of thread- should be approx. 8 peaks
LA102 223R M14 x 1 Check diameter of threaded portion – for M14 should be 14mm
½” x 28 UNEF Check diameter of threaded portion – for ½” x 28 UNEF, should be approx. 12.6mm
243W, 6.5mm Creedmoor, 308W M14 x 1 Check diameter of threaded portion – for M14 should be 14mm
5/8” x 24 UNEF Check diameter of threaded portion – for 5/8” x 24 UNEF should be approx. 15.6mm
LA105 All 5/8” x 24 UNEF  

Can you help me with technical information about an older model rifle?

No. If you have an older model of rifle and you would like to know more about its technical specifications, we encourage you to research this via a local gunsmith or contact the Lithgow Small Arms Factory Museum.

Can you help me with historical information about my rifle?

Unfortunately not. Historical information produced before modern cataloguing systems were developed has not been kept. If you would like a broad overview of the history, design or date of manufacture of your old rifle, we encourage you to research this via a local gunsmith or contact the Lithgow Small Arms Factory Museum.

What are the Cerakote™code numbers for Armor Black and Titanium?

Cerakote™H Series Armor Black H-190-Q, and Cerakote™H Series Titanium H-170Q.

How do I care for Cerakote?

Cerakote™surfaces should be wiped down with gun cleaning cloth. For hard deposits, loosen and then remove foreign material with an oily cloth and then wipe dry. Do not use abrasives on surfaces treated with Cerakote. There is no need to oil Cerakote™treated surfaces.

Warranty and Repairs

My 22LR LA101 magazines don’t feed properly. What’s going on?

Some 22LR LA101 CrossOver owners have noted less than optimal feed performance reported as ‘failure to feed’ or ‘stove piping.’ Lithgow Arms has traced the feed issues to a non-compliant batch of magazine round followers that are black in colour. We have updated the follower design to a new silver coloured part with more precisely controlled dimensions that feeds reliably.

If you experience poor feeding performance, please send us an email via the Contact page. We’ll contact you within two working days to discuss a solution for this issue.

How do I find out about the warranty conditions for my rifle?

Warranty conditions are recorded in the user manuals.

My rifle isn’t working properly, what can I do?

Please return your rifle to your local firearms dealer. They’ll assist you in diagnosing the fault and will contact us through our distribution network for replacement parts or repair under warranty.

My rifle is broken, what can I do?

If your rifle is under warranty, please send us an email through the Contact page. We’ll contact you within two working days to discuss a solution.

If your rifle is not under warranty please return your rifle to your local firearms dealer. They’ll assist you in diagnosing the fault and will contact us through our distribution network for replacement parts.

How can I repair Cerakote™surfaces?

Lithgow Arms recommends using an authorised Cerakote™applicator for repair work.

Can Lithgow Arms repair my rifle?

Lithgow Arms only repairs rifles under warranty.

Does Lithgow still supply parts for older model rifles?

Unfortunately, no. The original civilian Lithgow rifles (Models 1, 1A, 1B, 12, 24 and 55) were produced from around 1945 to around 1961 and spares production ceased decades ago. We encourage owners to contact their local gunsmith for alternate repair options.

What happens when I send my rifle in for warranty repair?

If your rifle needs to be returned to us for warranty or repair, here’s how we’ll take care of you and your rifle:

  • Once you lodge a warranty request via our website, we’ll get in contact. We’ll ask you a number of questions about you and your rifle like:
    • what sort of shooting do you do?
    • what sort of ammunition you are using?
    • how much shooting and cleaning do you do?
    • What did you see go wrong?
  • This is to help us understand what might have gone wrong and get you back to shooting as quickly as possible.
  • If you have any other complaints about the rifle, now is the time to tell us!
  • We will ask you to remove your scope and any other accessories (all we need is the rifle, bolt and magazine)- we ask you to do this to prevent damage in transit.
  • We’ll ask you who your preferred local dealer is and talk you through the return process.
  • Under most circumstances, we’ll contact your preferred local dealer ahead of your arrival to ensure they are ready, willing and able to return the rifle to us on your behalf. This is a no cost service for the dealer though some dealers may charge you a handling fee if this wasn’t where you purchased the firearm. Shop local!
  • Once the rifle is returned to us, we’ll perform a general inspection on the rifle before investigating any warranty or complaint. This inspection will include function and safety testing, and may include live function testing if you have an accuracy complaint. Generally speaking most issues are easy to solve and might be as simple as a replacement part. If issues are more complex, or our gunsmiths can’t replicate your complaint, we’ll get in touch to discuss this with you and negotiate a solution.
  • Once the issue is rectified the rifle will be cleaned and packed for dispatch to your dealer. Your dealer should let you know as soon as they receive the rifle back in store.
  • Under most circumstances we’ll get in touch and give you an outline of what we did/did not find wrong, and how we were able to resolve the issue.

Note: Occasionally we receive complaints about rifles that are inaccurate with certain types of ammunition or hand loads. At Lithgow, we test our rifle function and accuracy with factory loaded ammunition. The ammunition we select serves as a good balance between what is generally considered affordable for the average shooter and that performs consistently in our rifles. We think this is a fair approximation of how most shooters will select ammunition. Unfortunately we are unable to test your ammunition or diagnose faults in a particular hand load. We cannot offer advice on hand loading. We can provide some advice about factory ammunition based on our own experiences.

Ammunition and Reloading

Can you assist me with my reloading questions?

No, but we encourage you to review the ADI Powders website. ADI Powders produces world class propellants and can provide a wealth of reloading information. The ADI Powders reloading guide can also be purchased via their website.

Which ammunition works best in my rifle?

Lithgow Arms will not recommend a particular brand or type of ammunition for use in your firearm. Terminal effect, accuracy and cost requirements should be determined at an individual level. Typically, match grade ammunition delivers the best accuracy from any firearm, although we encourage you to test for yourself.

About Lithgow Arms

Is Lithgow Arms owned by the Government?

No. Lithgow Arms is not owned by the Commonwealth of Australia.

Does Lithgow Arms run the Lithgow Small Arms Museum?

No. The Lithgow Small Arms Museum is a not-for-profit organisation run by passionate volunteers independent of Lithgow Arms. For more information please visit the Lithgow Small Arms Factory Museum webpage.

Does the factory run tours?

Sorry, no. New product development and proprietary manufacturing methods make tours impossible.

I want to write a magazine article/internet review about a Lithgow Arms product, can I get some high resolution images of the product for my use? Can I use the Lithgow Arms and CrossOver logos in my article?

Absolutely. Media and independent authors should send us an email via the Contact page. We’ll put you in touch with our corporate communications team and ensure you receive the material you need.