Defence & Law Enforcement

Since 1912, we have proudly supported Australia’s soldiers on battlefields around the world. From Gallipoli, Fromelles and Pozières to North Africa, Borneo and Kokoda, and from Korea, Malaya and Vietnam to East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan, Australian troops have carried rifles made in Lithgow.

We are proud of our history, our people and our capability.

For over 110 years, the Lithgow Small Arms Factory has played a critical role in providing the Australian Defence Force (ADF) with cutting edge, locally-made technology. Lithgow Arms designs and manufactures military-grade rifles, including the EF88 in service with the Australian Defence Force and the new ACAR AR platform, as well as sporting and hunting rifles for private buyers. Lithgow Arms continues to be a critical sovereign capability, through advanced manufacturing capacity and expertise across research, design, development, and long-term sustainment.

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Lithgow Arms has 110 years of expertise in manufacturing reliable, supportable, high-quality, high-performance rifles for Defence Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies. The proven F90 bullpup rifle is the preferred choice of the Australian Defence Force. The ACAR expands our range, offering an all new rifle to customers who require a dependable AR platform.

*This range is only available for defence forces and law enforcement agencies.

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Defence & Law Enforcement