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Accurate, Reliable, Australian Made.

Since 1912, Lithgow Small Arms Factory has been making accurate, reliable firearms in Lithgow in regional New South Wales, Australia.

The Lithgow Small Arms Factory has a long history of producing sporting firearms for civilian shooters. From 1945, Lithgow worked with Slazenger producing a popular single shot 22LR rifle. These rifles used the same barrel steel as the SMLE’s, and over 18,000 were produced in the first year of manufacture. Following on from the single shot 22LR, a repeater was introduced in 1947, then in 1949 a 22 hornet rifle and a .410 shotgun were released using the SMLE action. All the sporting rifles produced at Lithgow Arms were distributed by Slazenger. Between 1945 to 1961, the Factory had produced around 220,000 single shot 22LR rifles, 8,5000 22LR repeating rifles, 7,700 22Hornet repeating rifles, and 6,800 .410 shotguns. Lithgow Arms currently offers a range of rifles for the sporting and outdoor user.

We are proud of our heritage and people. For over 110 years the men and women of Lithgow have supported the production of small arms. Lithgow Arms is a local business employing over 140 people in regional New South Wales. Working with over 120 Australian small and medium businesses, more than 90% of content used in production is either sourced from local Australian businesses or made on site. Over the past ten years more than $75m has been invested in site infrastructure and equipment to modernise small arms manufacturing in Australia.

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Since 1912 Lithgow Arms has been making accurate reliable firearms at the Factory in Lithgow, regional NSW.

Lithgow Arms now produces a range of firearms to meet your shooting requirements.

Sporting & Outdoor