The LA102 CrossOver brings Lithgow quality, accuracy and reliability to centrefire cartridges. The LA102 maintains the military, form-following-function style of the LA101 rifle with reinforced polymer stock, broad flat fore end and Cerakote™ treated barrel and receiver. Accuracy, now synonymous with the Lithgow Arms brand, is assured by our floated, choked hammer forged barrels with semi-match chambers and three-lug lock up bolts. The new, three lever style trigger module fitted to the LA102 is adjustable for weight, sear engagement and overdraw.

Available in centrefire calibres 223REM, 243WIN, 6.5mm Creedmoor and 308WIN.

LA102 Crossover Centrefire Rifle

223 Remington
243 Winchester
6.5mm Creedmoor
308 Winchester
Overall Length
1067-1087 mm (Polymer adjustable) 1077 mm (Timber)
3.5 kg (Polymer) 3.7 kg (Timber)
Proprietary, military grade steel, cold hammer forged. Medium varmint weight, target crowned. Coated in Cerakote™
Barrel Length
560 mm
6 grooves 1 : 9” (228 mm) right hand twist
6 grooves 1 : 10” (254 mm) right hand twist
6 grooves 1 : 8” (203 mm) right hand twist
4 grooves 1 : 11” (279 mm) right hand twist
Muzzle Thread
To identify your muzzle thread, please click here.
M14 x 1 or ½” x 28 UNEF Right Hand
M14 x 1 or 5/8” x 24 UNEF Right Hand
High tensile steel with plate recoil lug. Picatinny rail. Coated in Cerakote™
Floated design with three sling studs, available in polymer, walnut and laminate
Length of Pull
337-357mm (Polymer Adjustable) 347mm (Timber)
Adjustment Range
Approximately 0.75 kg – 1.9 kg
Three position, bolt shroud mounted, rotating safety catch with indicator. Safety catch over-cocks and blocks the firing pin and disconnects the trigger.
Removable, single stack box magazine, polymer construction
4 rounds
3 rounds
3 rounds
3 rounds


I recently purchased my first rifle in .223 and absolutely love it. Shoots like a laser, easy to clean and reliable I will definitely be purchasing one in .308 in the near future, makes me proud to buy Australian. Also your technical support team is fantastic, answering my questions while I was still waiting for my licence to be approved.

Drew, Sep 17

Good Morning, Yesterday i took delivery of my new Crossover LA102 in 308 Win in Townsville from Halls Firearms….. can i say what a awesome piece of gear. That bolt is impressive…I love my LA102 so dont stop making them 🙂 please pass on my extended thanks to all the people who went into the design and manufacturing and sales of this fantastic rifle…… one happy customer of many i am sure

A. White, 11 Jul 16