Ozzie Reviews reviews the LA101 Crossover .22 Magnum Rifle

Check out the link below to watch Ozzie Reviews on the LA101 Crossover .22 Magnum Rifle.


The Lithgow LA101 Crossover rifle in 22.lr was a big success and 2 years later we now have them available in 22MAG and 17HMR. I tested out the 22MAG version and to say I’m impressed is an understatement! This rifle shot a 5-shot group @ 100 yards using Hornady 45gr Critical Defense into a nice little .7″ cluster!!! This fully Australian-made rifle is awesome and you just need to have one. They are available in synthetic, laminate and walnut stock configurations and retail around $1100. Check out the full range at: https://www.lithgowarms.com

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