Federal MP John Cobb backs CrossOver

Federal MP John Cobb has backed Lithgow Arms’ new civilian rifle following a visit to the site and an inaugural firing of the LA101 CrossOver

The keen sporting shooter and Federal Member for Calare, the constituency in which Lithgow sits, took the opportunity to tour the factory, meet key personnel including the CrossOver design and engineering team, and take a trip to the range for a hands-on experience.

Showing his commitment to the rifle, Mr Cobb has already placed an order for a .22LR, and received a ceremonial invoice from the company to mark the occasion.

“To be one of the first to be able to buy an Australian manufactured rifle, the first in 50 years, is great,” he told the Lithgow Mercury. “I think it’s fantastic to have a rifle of our own.”

With production soon to begin in earnest, the rifle is scheduled to appear in shops around the end of May / early June.